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“In those distant days of the Druids,

...during those dark times, to be a Poet was a special calling. To the Celts to be a Poet was to hold a sacred office, even to be endued with supernatural powers and the capacity to see mysteries that only they could see, mysteries  that ordinary mortals like you and me could barely comprehend! J 

There was a legend

...that went around Ireland in the days of the Celts,  about a certain Salmon fish that lived in a certain river. If you were able to catch it and cook it slowly without burning it, and then consume it, you would be anointed into this sacred office of the Poet-Seer, even this very exclusive world of seeing and saying things that nobody else could.

Seer of Unseeable Things & Master of Magical Words!"

  I give to you one such person, one who has undoubtedly caught this mystical Salmon, one who has eaten it and  been anointed, one who has seen other worlds and their secrets, secrets revealed only to those with  Poetic Priesthood’s eyes. He is  known to those of us who have been captured by his Poetic spell as,  Purple Robert, Seer of Unseeable Things & Master of Magical Words!"  

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