In those distant days of the Druids, during those dark times. To be a Poet was a special calling.

To the Celts to be a Poet was to hold a sacred office, to be endued with supernatural powers and the capacity to see mysteries that only they could see, that ordinary mortals like you and me could barely comprehend.

There was a legend that went around Ireland in those days about a certain Salmon fish that lived ina certain river. If you were able to catch it and cook it slowly without burning it and eat it, you would be Anointed into this sacred office, this exclusive world of seeing and saying things that nobody else could.

I give to you one such person, one who has undoubtedly caught this mystical Salmon, one who has been anointed, one who has seen others worlds secrets, secrets revealed only to those Poetic Priesthood’s eyes, on Victor Robert Farrell. Know to those of us who have been captured by his Poetic spell as

Purple Robert

Seer of Unseeable Things & Master of Magical Words!

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Some Answers From Purple Robert

Who is Purple Robert?

I am a performance poet , bruised by life, wrestling with the God of the Bible and the realities of life under this quickly setting sun. 

Is Purple Robert Entertaining?

Of course! However,  I don't do nice and I do ask questions,  BIG ONES! I love reality and am not a fan of religion, especially the Christian version.

What is Metaphysical Biblical Realism?

Eh? It's obvious init? It's spiritual poetry, rooted in the bloody realities of the Bible , red in tooth and claw and wrapped in the struggles of real life. 

Do you perform regularly?

I write and perform regularly, indeed, most of the time. Life is pretty boring without poetry and all true poetry is love poetry and revolutionary in its intent. 

What's the latest Book you are working on?

'7 Poems for 7 Churches.' It's dinky little book packed with Dynamite, based on the 7 letters to the 7 churches in the Book of The Revelation of Yeshua Christ

Does Purple Robert Do Anything else?

Of course! Remember, POETRY=POVERTY.  Thus I also do other things to put bread on the table and most of it is centered around that most shocking book ever written. The Bible. 

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A Poem - This Bird Has Flown

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