Visits From Purple Robert

Why Invite A Purple Poet

 You want your students to meet a real live POET (as opposed to a real dead one!)

  • You want to have your students hear exciting VOICES, appreciate POETRY and enter the world of BOOKS.
  • You want to inspire your students to read (and write) more.
  • you want to engage your reluctant readers (usually boys!).
  • You want to create a “buzz” around the school for Poetry, Performance & Reading.
  • You want some professional insights into how poems are created and structured.
  • You want all your pupils to experience the visit.
  • You want a good laugh!


Some References:

"On National Poetry day, our chosen author came to East Brighton College of Media Arts to work with students from year 7-11, working alongside the English teachers to inspire and motivate students to write Poetry. He was very successful! Staff and students alike commented on his enthusiasm, his love of poetry, and his belief that there was a poet in every one of us.

In one class, students who find English difficult and ‘boring’ were contributing to a collective class poem, which valued every Child's contribution.

The author proved to be a good teacher in that he actively involved the students in their learning and made the lessons interesting. Lively and amusing. 

The teachers were very enthusiastic about the work with the students; they found the author easy to work with and would welcome a repeat visits.

The students enjoyed the experience immensely, comments afterwards included: ‘cool’, ‘I didn’t know I could write poetry’, ‘Poetry is fun’,  ‘I enjoyed reading out the class poem’.

At the end of the day, a group of Year 7 students were arranging to email their poems to the author.

This was a successful day, and I would recommend the author to any school seeking to work with a Poet.

Helen Beauchamp, (Senior Teacher) East Brighton College of Media Arts.  Brighton, England

Thank You for sharing your gift of Poetry with the lower school and middle school groups.. Your lively and personable spirit, age-appropriate teaching were both winners!

I appreciated how you were able to connect with the Lower School Children by cultivating a high-energy atmosphere and teaching them the basics about the nature of Poetry. I think they really enjoyed the latter part of the sessions, during which they teamed up with other classmates to write a poem. 

With the Middle-School students, I appreciate the fact that you drew out of them a rather in-depth discussion about the nature of poetry. Some students in particular seemed  quite engaged with the discussion and I think they would benefit from a poetry group in which they would be able to work out their ideas and engage in poetry performance. 

I hope you have further opportunities to share your knowledge and facility of poetry with both Walden School and the greater community of Louisville KY, USA

Brian Wilbur, Director, Walden Extended Day."

Society of Authors | Our 'Service' Costs

We charge 25% BELOW the day rate of fees recommended by the Society of Authors for author visits to schools:

Day Rates

  • We charge £300 per day
  • YES we do half days £150
  • (For visits to the same school on two or more consecutive FULL days, the rate is reduced by £50 per day for every day after the first day (i.e. day 1 at full rate, day 2 and beyond less £50 per day). 


  • Travel expenses are calculated to and from our offices in Leven Fife, Scotland.
  •  by car charged at 45p per actual road mile traveled - there and back,
  • by rail charged at actual cost
  •  Accommodation expenses if an over-night stay is needed (i.e. Premier Inn / Travel Lodge / B&B close to school).  


  • We don't expect payment on the day. We will invoice you after the visit. 
  • Payment can be made by cheque or BACS transfer (full details are given on the invoice).
    Payment should be made in full within 30 days of the invoice date.

Book Sales

  • For school visits I offer signed books for parents/children to buy on the day of my visit.  These can be downloaded below.
  •  Please photocopy it and send it home with the children a few days before my visit. The form shows a selection of my books, all suitable for them.
  •  If parents decide to purchase a book, they need to return the completed order form and payment to school in time for my visit (there is a return date printed on the form). 
  • The author will sign books at lunchtime or at the end of the day.
  • OPPORTUNITIES to by up and coming books will also be indicated on the form. 


Q: Are your Authors DBS checked  

A: We encourage all of our Authors visiting schools to be DBS checked. If they are, this information will appear on their  individual BIO-PAGE. 

Q: Do You have any posters we can use to advertise your event?
A: Yes – each author has their own Press & Advertising/Marketing section so you can r 'stuff.' Check The Author Pages under 'Our Authors'

Q: Can the school order books?
A: Certainly! Schools buy books for the library, as guided readers, and as prizes. If you decide to do this, please try and let me know in advance of the visit, so I know how many copies to bring with me. No need to pay on the day – we shall add the cost to the invoice.

Q: We are in an area of high social stress and don't think parents will buy your books. What do you say to this?
A: Simple – give your parents the choice and let them decide. You probably do that when you have a book fair, so do it when you invite an author to school.

Q: We have a school book fair and think your book sales will reduce our commission from it. What do you say to this?
A: The book fair is probably in school all week, our authors are usually with you for one day only. Children enjoy meeting authors and welcome the chance to buy signed books. Our books are hardly ever stocked by book fair companies, which makes it hard for children to find them.  Look upon our author visits as adding value to the book fair, not as competition to it.

Q: What set-up do your authors require for a visit?

  1. Tables to set up their display materials.
  2. Drinking water.
  3. A school dinner.